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A solo date added - Southwark Park, London. And it's FREE!
etown's site shows that the radio show Glenn recorded earlier this month in Boulder, Colorado is airing September 29 - October 5:
As you probably know, Glenn covers the fantastic 'Red Dragon Tattoo'by New Yorker's Fountains of Wayne in his acoustic set and, it's fair to say, is a huge fan. So he's pretty chuffed to be their Special Guest at their London show at the Academy, Islington in Monday 23 August. If you don't know them - go check 'em out!
VH1 Classic (US) will be celebrating Glenn's birthday (August 31) by airing the "Untouchable" video at the top of every hour all day long.
A few more dates are on the tourdates page.
A few more dates are on the tourdates page for Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers and a few solo shows including one in Boulder Colorado.
15/7/04. Rob Reinhart’s Interview and performance with Glenn Tilbrook and The Fluffers is now archived at or
A few more reviews have been added.
3 new live band reviews plus a Transatlantic Ping Pong review now up. More to come soon - come back!
Some Irish tourdates up - there may be more to come so check back.
Glenn is no longer playing the Southwark Park Festival on the 17 July.
The World Cafe will be broadcasting the session with Glenn Tilbrook on Friday, July 9th. The World Cafe with David Dye can be heard on more than 160 stations nationwide. Find your local station by going to the website: or you can listen online Monday to Friday at 2pm EST or 1am EST by going to
If you are off to Glastonbury this week - make sure you catch Glenn Tilbrook & Fluffers playing the Leftfield stage on Sunday the 27th at 5pm.
Here are some upcoming radio and tv appearances.

Friday, May 28 @ 1:00 pm EST
WXPN - Philadelphia

Monday, May 31 @ 8:30 pm EST
WUSB 90.1 FM, Stony Brook, LI, NY

Tuesday, June 1 – 1:00-ish pm EST

Tuesday, June 8
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thursday, June 10 – 3 pm CST
WRLT – Nashville

More TV and radio:

Monday 17th May Glenn appears on BBC Breakfast TV at 9.10am.
Tues 18th May Glenn is guest on Robert Elms Show on BBC London Live at 2.30pm.
Sat 22nd May Glenn is guest on Rowland Rivron's Show on LBC at 3.15pm.

Orders of Glenn's album Transatlantic Ping Pong is now in stock and being sent out today. You can also buy it at shows.

Catch Glenn on the radio over the next few weeks.

BBC R2 Jammin' Thursday 29 April repeats Saturday 1 May at 1.30pm. Glenn participates in whole show
BBC R2 Jonathan Ross Saturday 1 May. Glenn performs with band plus interview
Virgin Radio Razor Cuts Sunday 9 May. Glenn chats and spins tracks with Pete Mitchell - 1 hour special
BBC R2 Jools Holland Monday 10 May. Glenn chats, spins tunes & performs 2 songs with Jools
BBC 6 music Sunday 16 May. Glenn chats with Liz Kershaw on her show
BBC2 Album Chart Show with Simon Mayo Monday 17 May. Glenn chats plus album tracks
BBC R2 Richard Allinson Wednesday 19 May. Glenn and band perform 2 songs plus chat

Orders of Glenn's album Transatlantic Ping Pong will be sent out on the 5th May.
What are you waiting for? - Glenn Tilbrook's new album Transatlantic Ping Pong is now available to pre-order from the shop. Put that down - you can do that later.
I'm afraid that any orders made from 1.30am on Sunday 11th to 5.30pm on Wednesday 14th April will not have got through to us. This includes orders made from and as well. There is no need to worry, the orders did not go anywhere and there is no security risk of your credit card details. It was a fault with the main server of our service provider. The problem has now been fixed so please reorder. We apologise for any inconvenience.
There are new USA dates and UK summer dates up on the tourdates page. Also BIG NEWS!! The new single 'Untouchable' will be released and available in the shops from May 10th, on our web sites (secure page may take a few hours to appear) and at gigs from today. The album is available in the shops from May 17th or from gigs and on our websites very soon. A mixture of solely penned songs, 1 cover and a few co-writes. The co-writes are with Chris Braide, Ben Jones, Steve Poltz, George Hartner and Chris Difford. You're gonna love it!
2 more dates up. US & UK.
Many more dates up for Glenn and his band.
There are a 2 more gigs for Glenn and his new band on the tourdates page.
Nick Harper's new album Bloodsongs is now released in the shops (9th Feb) - but you don't wanna go there! We have it back in stock here! The shop page may not show all the right images (yet) but it still works!
We are in the middle of uploading the new look navigation system so you will not be able to see any other pages for a while. Hope you like the new navigation system when it comes!
Everyone at Quixotic Records would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Toptastic New Year! We would also like to thank you for your continued support for all things Glenn Tilbrook and Nick Harper. Cheers mates!
There is one gig confirmed for Glenn and his NEW BAND! Cabot Hall at Canary Wharf, London on the 25th February. More info in the new year.
Nick Harper's new album Bloodsongs will be out in the new year. Details soon.
The new Squeeze Greatest Hits DVD (PAL) is now available from the CDorder page or if you also want other Squeeze rarities then go to the Squeeze merchandise sale page. It may not appear immediately on the order page as all our secure pages are uploaded in the US.

The long awaited Squeeze Merchandise sale is finally happening! Here. If you order an item which has sold out, we will notify you by email.
All the UK dates are up now. There will be no more dates until the release of his NEW album in the spring.
06/08/03 has a new look - please visit and let us know what you think! You may have to change your bookmarks as the new site uses .html and the end of the pages instead of.htm ie
The new album 'BIG SQUEEZE - The Very Best Of Squeeze' will be available from our CD order page from next week. We can promise prompt delivery and a competitive price. A double album of their very best hits and 'B' Sides.
Nick Harper is to support Paul Kelly at the Mean Fiddler on Wednesday 19th June 2002. Doors are a t 7.00pm and Nick will be on stage a 7.45pm.
There is a new Squeeze Greatest hits double CD out on 10 June on Universal called 'Big Squeeze' - the very best of. There is only one available version of the double album which has 39 tracks in total.
Nick Harper will be touring with his Father, Roy this autumn in the UK with possible dates in Ireland in September. Check out the dates so far in the Tourdates section above.
More fantastic reviews of 'Double Life' and live reviews of the tour added to Nick's review section.

Nick Harper is playing at the Coin St. Festival, Gabrials Wharf on the South Bank on Sunday 14th July 2002. The event runs from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. Exact stage time for Nick will be posted on the tourdates page.

A live review and a couple of reviews of Double Life have been added to Nick's review section - WELL WORTH A READ!
On Saturday 13th July 2002 there is a free event at Southwark Park, Surrey Quays, London for 3,000 people
Glenn Tilbrook (solo and acoustic) will be playing on stage from 7pm - 8pm. Other acts include The Magnets and Chas 'n' Dave. A fireworks display will close the show. More details to follow when available.

On Tuesday May 7, there has been a change of venue to Martyr's, Chicago , IL from Park West, Chicago, IL.

Some press from the 'RV Tour' added to Glenn's reviews section.

IMPORTANT I'd like to reassure everyone that our order page is on a secure server and that it is totally safe to use your credit card. The 'secure padlock' sign does not show up on the page because this web site uses frames.
To show the security information for the cd order page:
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TIME: 16.20 British Summer Time
We have had problems with emails from the web site consequently WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY ORDERS since 19 April. If you ordered something in the past 5 days including pre-orders of Nick's album. Then we have no record if it and cannot fulfill the order. PLEASE RE-ORDER - IT WORKS NOW! Our sincere apologies. Please spread the word so that no-one is disappointed!


You can now pre-order Nick Harper's new live double album 'Double Life' from our CD order page above. We are expecting stock on Wednesday so we should be able to fill orders on Thursday and Friday. We are expecting to be swamped with orders so delivery may not be quite as swift as usual but we will do our best not to keep you waiting. It will also be available in the shops from the 6 May and from shows from next Thursday at the Barrells Ale House in Berwick Upon Tweed and for the rest of the tour.


In case you didn't know, the last time Glenn Tilbrook was touring with his RV in the USA he was followed around everywhere by a couple of filmakers. You can now find out all you need to know about their documentary film 'One For The Road' on their web site

Sink A Few Jars with Glenn! Join him at a special Meet & Greet in Portland, Oregon at the Horse Brass Pub on April 17th
Come along at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM to 4534 SE Belmont Street. Call 503.233.1315 for more info. Free admission - 21 and over welcome then see Glenn perform later that night! The Aladdin Theater 9PM - Call 503.234.9694 for show info.


There is an extra date for Nick Harper's tour and also more dates for Glenn in the US - all marked **NEW** so you can't miss them. Nick's live double album 'Double Life' should be in your shops on 6 May. Also available from our CD order page and on his tour in about 2 weeks time.

4 more dates added to Glenn Tilbrook's tour including one in Canada. Go to Tour Dates above.
More USA dates added to Glenn Tilbrook's tour. Go to Tour Dates above.
I promise this is my last posting on the subject. Below is the wrong time for the broadcast. It is in fact at 1815 BST (GMT+1hour) on the 5th of April, as we first thought!

I have a slightly different time now for Glenn to be on BBC Radio Scotland on the 5th of April at 1810 GMT.
The reviews section for Glenn has been reorganised with a new page started for 2002 and last years reviews have been split up into two lots as there was so much there, so it should be quicker to download now.


Nick Harper's tour starts in a couple of weeks - go to 'Tour Dates' above for details. His new Live album will be available in the shops in May and on the tour and from this website in April, though unfortunately not at the beginning of the tour. The release date will be posted here with more details nearer the time. But if you've seen Nick live, you already know it's going to be a cracker!


Glenn Tilbrook will be on BBC Radio Scotland again on 5 April. The programme will be streamed at 1815 BST (GMT +1hr). and has also been chosen for 'Pick Of The Week' - no details available for this.

The First of Glenn Tilbrook's USA dates have been added to the 'Tour Dates' section above. More will come through soon. Please be patient!
Glenn Tilbrook will be on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday evenng on the Brian Moreton Show. Interview and acoustic perfromance.
Glenn Tilbrook is doing a few dates in Australia over Easter - check out the Tour Dates above for details.

Glenn Tilbrook will be on your television screens shortly if you live in the USA on CN8 cable.
"CN8 Presents: Studio C Glenn Tilbrook" at 8:30 pm. EST on 26th March.

Due to a double booking by the Wigton Rugby Club, Glenn Tilbrook's show has been relocated. The new venue is The Wheyrigg Hall Hotel, Wheyrigg, Wigton. tel 016973 61242. Tickets will be on sale prior to the show at the number on the tourdates page which is for the Rugby Club Gym - open 10-10. or by post from John Spark, High Braithwaite Farm, Wigton 016973 42552. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


All tour dates can now be found under (rather unsurprisingly) 'Tour Dates' above, which used to say 'Site Map' but (also unsurprisingly) never actually took you to a site map. Please let me know if you have any problems. Thank you.

We are experiencing some problems with our email database and consequently some of you who have joined our email list may not have received the latest artist info no. 9 re Nick Harper (which was basically the dates below). We are doing our best to get it fixed. Thanks.
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