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Treasure Island Blood Songs Double Life Harperspace Instrumental Smithereens Seed Light At The End
Of The Kennel



Artist Nick Harper
Title Treasure Island
Release date 11/05
Cat no. SR0004CD
Lable Sangraal
Track Listing:
1 By My Rocket Comes Fire
2 Treasure Island
3 Underground Stream
4 Good Bus
5 Intelligent Design?
6 Knuckledraggers
7 Sleeper Cell
8 Real Life
9 Bloom
10 Around The Sun
11 365
12 A Wiltshire Tale
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Artist Nick Harper
Title Blood Songs
Release date 9/2/04
Cat no. SR0003CD
Lable Sangraal
Track Listing:
Lily’s Song
Love is Music
Imaginary Friend
Vampire Song
The Wanderer And His Shadow
The Kissing Gate
Boy Meets Planet
My Little Masterpiece
Blood Song
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Artist Nick Harper
Title Double Life
Release date 06/05/03
Cat no. QUIXCD008
Lable Quixotic Records
Track Listing:

CD one
1. She Rules My World

2. Karmageddon

3. The Verse Time Forgot
4. The Magnificent G7
5. Aeroplane
6. The Kilty Stone
7. Flying Dog
8. The Galaxy Song
9. Headless (official string break version)

CD two
1. Building Our Own Temple

2. In Our Time

3. Janet & John
4. Crazyboy
5. Guitarman (whole lotta love mix)
6. Out Of It
7. Watching The Stars (7 string version)
8. Kettledrum Heart
9.The Consumer Meets The Wolfman

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Artist Nick Harper
Title Harperspace
Release date 26/06/00
Cat no. QUIXCD004
Lable Quixotic Records
Track Listing:
The Verse Time Forgot
Happy Man
There Is Magic In This World
Nothing But Love
Watching The Stars
Kettledrum Heart
She Rules My World
Song Of Madness
Before They Put Me In The Ground
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Artist Nick Harper
Title Instrumental
Release date 1999
Cat no. SGCD099
Lable Sangraal
Track Listing:

The Sky Goes All The Way Home
The Whack 'n' Riddle Tree
Like Punk Never Happened
Riverside (Revisited)




Artist Nick Harper
Title Smithereens
Release date 11/05/98
Cat no. QRCD0098
Lable Quixotic Records
Track Listing:
Ghost Of Her Touch
In Our Time
My Baby
The Tyger
Out of it
Two Way Thing
No Truth Up In The Mountain
The Magnificent G - Seven
She Really Was
Everything's Better
Acoustic Smithereens
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Artist Nick Harper
Title Seed
Release date 00/00/95
Cat no. SGCD095
Lable Sangraal
Track Listing:

The Kilty Stone
Radio Silence
Crazy Boy
Three Magpies
Big Jim And The Twins
Thanks For The Miracle
Building Our Own Temple
Mr Grey
Peace Love and Happiness
Janet And John

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Artist Nick Harper
Title Light At The End Of The Kennel
Release date 00/00/94
Cat no. SGCD094
Lable Sangraal
Track Listing:

A Hundred Things
Is This Really Me?
Flying Dog

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