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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Spot The Difference
Release date 11/10/10 UK
Cat no. LVRCD003
Label Love Records
Track Listing:

Squeeze re-records with a bonus CD Live At The Fillmore recorded this year.

Another Nail In My Heart
Black Coffee In Bed
Cool For Cats
Goodbye Girl
Is That Love
Labelled With Love
Loving You Tonight
Pulling Mussels (from the shell)
Slap and Tickle
Some Fantastic Place
Take Me I'm Yours
Up The Junction

Take Me I'm Yours
Annie Get Your Gun
Black Coffee In Bed
When The Hangover Strikes
Loving You Tonight
If It's Love
It's So Dirty
Goodbye Girl
Hope Fell Down
If I Didn't Love You

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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title The Complete BBC Sessions
Release date 10/03/08 UK
Cat no.  
Label Mercury
Track Listing:


1. Cat On A Wall (John Peel Session 1977)
2. Model (John Peel Session 1977)
3. All Fed Up (John Peel Session 1977)
4. Sex Master (John Peel Session 1977)
5. Bang Bang (John Peel Session 1978)
6. Ain't It Bad (John Peel Session 1978)
7. I Must Go (John Peel Session 1978)
8. The Knack (John Peel Session 1978)
9. Onto The Dance Floor (Kid Jenson 1982)
10. Elephant Girl (Kid Jenson 1982)
11. I Can't Hold On (Kid Jenson 1982)
12. Apple Tree (Kid Jenson 1982)
13. She Doesn't Have To Shave (Saturday Sequence 1989)
14. Footprints In The Frost (Saturday Sequence 1989)
15. Is That Love (Saturday Sequence 1989)
16. Melody Motel (Saturday Sequence 1989)


1. Take Me I'm Yours (Live BBC Session 1992)
2. Up The Junction (Live BBC Session 1992)
3. Pulling Mussels/Labelled With Love (Live BBC Session 1992)
4. Tempted (Live BBC Session 1992)
5. Third Rail (Nicky Campbell 1993)
6. Cold Shoulder (Nicky Campbell 1993)
7. Loving You Tonight (Nicky Campbell 1993)
8. Some Fantastic Place (Nicky Campbell 1993)
9. Third Rail (Emma Freud 1994)
10. Hourglass (Emma Freud 1994)
11. Tempted (Emma Freud 1994)
12. Some Fantastic Place (Simon Mayo 1994)
13. Tempted (Simon Mayo 1994)

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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Ridiculous
Release date 10/03/08 UK
Cat no. A & M 9832839
Label Universal
Track Listing:
    1. Electric Trains
    2. Heaven Knows
    3. Grouch Of The Day
    4. Walk Away
    5. This Summer
    6. Got To Me
    7. Long Face
    8. I Want You
    9. Daphne
    10. Lost For Words
    11. Great Escape
    12. Temptation For Love
    13. Sound Asleep
    14. Fingertips

      Bonus tracks:

    15. This Road
    16. This Summer (Remix)
    17. Cappuccino Lips (Fingertips
    18. Electric Trains
    19. I Want You
    20. Grouch Of The Day


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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Sweets from a Stranger
Release date 26/04/08 UK
Cat no. A&M cat no: 9832838
Label Universal
Track Listing:
  1. Out of Touch
  2. I Can't Hold On
  3. Points Of View
  4. Stranger Than The Stranger On The
  5. Shore
  6. Onto The Dance Floor
  7. When The Hangover Strikes
  8. Black Coffee In Bed
  9. I've Returned
  10. Tongue Like A Knife
  11. His House Her Home
  12. The Very First Dance
  13. The Elephant Ride

    Bonus tracks
  14. I Can't Get Up Anymore
  15. When Love Goes To Sleep
  16. Annie Get Your Gun
  17. I'm At Home Tonight
  18. Elephant Girl
  19. Spanish Guitar
  20. Tomorrow's World (His House Her Home)
  21. Whenever We Meet
  22. Last Call For Love
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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Frank
Release date 26/04/08 UK
Cat no. A&M cat no: 9832840
Label Universal
Track Listing:
  1. Frank
  2. If It's Love
  3. Peyton Place
  4. Rose I Said
  5. Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
  6. (This Could Be) The Last Time
  7. She Doesn't Have To Shave
  8. Love Circles
  9. Melody Motel
  10. Can Of Worms
  11. Dr. Jazz
  12. Is It Too Late

    Bonus tracks:
  13. Red Light
  14. Frank's Bag
  15. Good Times Bring Me Down
  16. Any Other Day
  17. Who's That
  18. If I'm Dead
  19. She Doesn't Have To Shave
  20. Melody Motel
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essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Argy Bargy Deluxe Edition
Release date 26/04/08 UK
Cat no. A&M cat no: 9832835
Label Universal
Track Listing:
  1. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
  2. Another Nail In My Heart
  3. Separate Beds
  4. Misadventure
  5. I Think I'm Go Go
  6. Farfisa Beat
  7. Here Comes That Feeling
  8. Vicky Verky
  9. If I Didn't Love You
  10. Wrong Side Of The Moon
  11. There At The Top

    Bonus tracks:
  12. Funny How It Goes
  13. What The Butler Saw
  14. Someone Else's Heart
  15. Go
  16. Pretty One
  17. Going Crazy
  18. Farfisa Beat
  19. Library Girl
  20. If I Didn't Love You

    2nd CD:
    Argy Bargy - Radio Commercial
    Live At Hammersmith Odeon 9th March 1980:
    Slap & Tickle
    Touching Me Touching You
    Slightly Drunk
    Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)
    Funny How It Goes
    Another Nail In My Heart
    Cool For Cats
    Messed Around
    I Think I'm Go Go
    If I Didn't Love You
    Strong In Reason
    It's So Dirty
    Goodbye Girl
    Up The Junction
    Going Crazy
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Artist Squeeze
Title Quintessential Tour Program
Release date 24/11/07 UK


  • 28 full colour pages
  • Interviews with all the band
  • Photos from the US tour
  • Photos from first show in 9 years@ The Albany, Deptford
  • Photos from Guilfest
  • Previously unseen photos from every era
  • Photos from Squeeze's private collections
  • Back stage passes from most eras.

This is a real souvenir item that you'll want to keep forever. Packed with photos, interviews and much more.



essential squeeze

Live performance CD recorded during their
summer 2007 US tour.

There will also be additional download only songs available from from Monday 26th November.


Artist Squeeze
Title Five Live
Release date 26/11/07 UK
Cat no. LVRCD001
Label Love Records
Track Listing:
  1. Take Me I'm Yours
  2. Slightly Drunk
  3. Love Circles
  4. Hourglass
  5. I Think I'm Go Go
  6. Third Rail
  7. Electric Trains
  8. Annie Get Your Gun
  9. Some Fantastic Place
  10. Melody Motel
  11. Piccadilly
  12. Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
  13. Goodbye Girl
  14. Slap and Tickle
  15. Walk Away
  16. Cool For Cats
  17. Tempted
  18. If I Didn't Love You
  19. Pulling Mussels


essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Essential Squeeze
Release date 30/04/07 UK
Cat no.  
Lable Universal
Track Listing:
  1. Take me I'm Yours
  2. Goodbye Girl
  3. Cool for Cats
  4. Up The Junction
  5. Slap & Tickle
  6. Another Nail In My Heart
  7. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
  8. Is That Love
  9. Tempted
  10. Labeled With Love
  11. Black Coffee In Bed
  12. Annie Get Your Gun
  13. Last Time Forever
  14. Hourglass
  15. Some Fantastic Place
  16. Loving You Tonight
  17. This Summer
  18. Without You Here
  19. Library Girl
  20. Last Call For Love



essential squeeze


Artist Squeeze
Title Essential Squeeze DVD
featuring many post-Frank videos never before released
Release date 30/04/07 UK
Cat no.  
Lable Universal
Track Listing:
  1. Take Me I'm Yours
  2. Cool For Cats
  3. Up The Junction
  4. Another Nail In My Heart
  5. Pulling Mussels
  6. Is That love
  7. Messed Around
  8. Tempted
  9. Black Coffee in Bed
  10. Love's Crashing Waves
  11. 853-5937
  12. Hits of the year
  13. Last Time forever
  14. Hour Glass
  15. Trust me to Open My Mouth
  16. Footprints
  17. If Its Love
  18. Heaven Knows
  19. Some Fantastic Place
  20. Third Rail
  21. This Summer
  22. Sunday Street
  23. Satisfied
  24. Loving You Tonight

The DVD includes a 14-track 45 minute TV concert from the Regal Theatre, Hitchin 30/08/82. Recorded by the BBC, and a simultaneous broadcast on BBC TV and radio. Track listing:

  1. Cool For Cats
  2. In Quintessence
  3. I've Returned
  4. Is That Love
  5. Another Nail In My Heart
  6. Tempted
  7. Annie Get Your Gun
  8. Someone Else's Heart
  9. Points Of View
  10. Piccadilly
  11. Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)
  12. Labeled With Love
  13. Up The Junction
  14. I Can't Hold On


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Author Jim Drury
Title Squeeze Song By Song
Publication date 15/11/04
ISBN 1 86074 604 7
Published by Sanctuary Publishing

Writer Jim Drury talked with Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford to reveal a fascinating and insightful account of the life and times of Squeeze from their earliest beginnings in Blackheath, south London in 1973 to their final reunion album ‘Domino’ in 1998. Along the way the story uncovers the truth behind the brilliant but often fractious Tilbrook/Difford partnership, the formation of the band and subsequent line-up changes, grueling tours, towering successes and disappointing failures and the inevitable rock ‘n’ roll excesses that are part and parcel of being in a famous group.

The form of the book is a hybrid of the two styles adopted by Jim Drury in his previous ‘Song by Song’ books. It is written in the narrative when dealing with the overall history of Squeeze, reverting to dialogue format for the detailed track-by-track analysis. Due to busy schedules Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford were often interviewed separately, allowing each a level of candor they may not have felt in each other’s presence. This in itself makes for fascinating reading as their mutual respect and affection for each other is revealed and it becomes clear that their individual assessments of tracks often concur although there are some interesting exceptions. The publication of the book marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of Squeeze.

Jim Drury, Chris & Glenn at the book signing at Borders, Charing Cross Rd, London.

Jim, Glenn & Rich Hall


-  Genre:  'Rock' -  Release Date: '15th November 2004'  

Our Rating:             
Author  JIM DRURY has written two previous in-depth career  retrospectives in the "Song By Song" format, with the  subjects of these being the lengthy and mercurial  careers sustained by Ian Dury & The Blockheads and  The Stranglers respectively.

For his third tome,  Drury has opted for another of the UK's most enduring  new wave acts and the superb, but often fractious  songwriting partnership between CHRIS DIFFORD and GLENN  TILBROOK which lasted all of twenty-five years and  survived numerous bust-ups and reunions en  route.

Stylistically, the book is something of an  amalgam of the two separate approaches Drury employed  when writing his two previous books. His Ian Dury book  was written in biographical style while his Stranglers'  "Song By Song" was constructed entirely as a dialogue  between the author and the band's original singer/  guitarist Hugh Cornwell.   This time,  Drury interviewed both Tilbrook and Difford at some  length and intersperses their detailed comments on the  respective Squeeze albums with some historical context.  The end results are (in the author's words) "a hybrid  breed rather than a mongrel" but it's an approach that  tells the story of Squeeze's roller coaster career ride  to nigh-on perfection.

With hindsight, Drury's  decision to interview Glenn and Chris separately was  surely a masterstroke. As a result, both men are  entirely candid about their respective successes and  failures and open up in a way that perhaps they would  have been unable to do if they'd been in the same room  together. However, even though the pair's relationship  was at a very low ebb following the debacle that was  Squeeze's final album "Domino" (1998), they speak with  great warmth about what each other brought to the table  in creating the band's best songs.   The  conversation is littered with stuff like : "Glenn's  vocal is just supreme" ("Points Of View") and "It's one  of Chris's lyrics where I see exactly the same pictures  in my mind whenever I hear it" ("Piccadilly") and you  soon begin to understand the almost telepathic way the  pair worked professionally even when they were on less  than fantastic terms on a personal level.

This  being Squeeze, the likes of Gilson Lavis, Paul Carrack  and of course the irrepressible Jools Holland also play  significant parts in the band's musical development and  all have their personal issues along the way. Those of  us familiar with the stylish, urbane Holland who  presents "Later" may be surprised and delighted by the  stories of the longhair with biker tendencies who joined  up with the fledgling band in Greenwich circa 1974 with  those gifted, boogie-woogie pianist's fingers already  finely tuned and ready for action.

Difford and  Tilbrook are - as you might expect - gifted raconteurs,  but equally candid about their own failures as well as  the glorious success of the band's early chart-topping  years. Some of the anecdotes are truly hilarious such as  Difford discussing his disgust at Tilbrook's use of the  ochorena on the song "Stranger Than The Stranger On The  Shore" (Chris: "We fell out hugely over that bloody  thing. Whenever I came into the room it would always be  there. Somewhere visual just to piss me off. I used to  think when he went out of the room I would take it and  lob it in the Thames"). As you might expect, both of  them are brilliant at one-liners as well. A good example  is when Drury discusses the song "Tempted" with Difford,  who suggests that being in a band is like "being in the  merchant navy...there are women of easy virtue and you  have to behave yourself or go home with a guilty  conscience, or worse - the pox."   Drury  pushes on by saying "what did you go home with?" to  which Difford answers: "A huge bunch of flowers and a  guilty conscience". Genius.
The  book also unearths some revelations which are darker  than certainly this writer would have imagined. Songs  such as "Tough Love", "The Truth" and "There Is A Voice"  themselves may give you some clues to the alcoholic  depths Difford was plumbing before he finally turned  himself in for rehab in 1992, but I was truly surprised  to read of Tilbrook's brief, but potentially deadly  flirtation with heroin around the time of his  destructive first marriage in the mid-1980s. To their  credit, neither man shies away from describing his  personal battle and the fact both got through and turned  the corner is a testament to their strength of  character.

"Squeeze: Song By Song", then, is  something of a full-blown success. Factual, anecdotal  and simply a thrilling read, Jim Drury brings out the  best in the two men often dubbed "the new Lennon &  McCartney" in the past. That particular tag may be  spurious, but nonetheless even the casual reader will  soon realise there's far more to Squeeze than simply  "Cool For Cats" and "Up The Junction" and that after  gorging themselves silly on this book, they'll want to  start filling in the gaps in their Squeeze  collection.

Oh, and if you were wondering why  Jools rarely entertains John Cale in the "Later" studio,  then may I suggest you read the chapter about the making  of Squeeze's eponymous debut album. Trust me: you won't  be disappointed.     
   author: TIM PEACOCK  


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Artist Squeeze
Title Squeeze Greatest Hits (DVD)
Release date  
Cat no. 493 253-2
Lable Universal
Track Listing:

Take Me I'm Yours
Cool For Cat
Up The Junction
Another Nail In My Heart
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
Is That Love
Messed Around
Black Coffee In Bed
Loves Crashing Waves
853 5937
Hits Of The Year
Last Time Forever
Trust Me To Open My Mouth
If It's Love



Artist Squeeze
Title Big Squeeze - The Very Best Of Squeeze
Release date 2003
Cat no. 493 253-2
Lable Universal
Track Listing:

Take Me I'm Yours
Goodbye Girl
Cool For Cats
Up The Junction
Slap and Tickle
Another Nail For My Heart
Pulling Mussels From A Shell
Is That Love
Black Coffee In Bed
Annie Get Your Gun
Labeled With Love
Last Time Forever
Some Fantastic Place
Third Rail
This Summer
Electric Trains
Heaven Knows

Suites From Five Strangers
Squabs On Forty Fab
Spanish Guitar
Elephant Girl
Yap Yap Yap
Fortnight Saga
Wedding Bells
What The Butler Saw
Going Crazy
Who's That?
Vanity Fair
Christmas Day
All's Well That End's Well

Artist Squeeze
Title Domino
UK Release 11/09/98
US Release 28/09/99
Cat no. QRSQD098
Lable Quixotic Records
Track Listing:
  1. Play On
  2. Bonkers
  3. What's Wrong With This Picture
  4. Domino
  5. To Be A Dad
  6. Donkey Talk
  7. Sleeping With A Friend
  8. Without You Here
  9. In The Morning
  10. A Moving Story
  11. Little king
  12. Shortbreak

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